The Mystical Dance of Dissolution

Power of Surrender — Embracing the Path

Powerful Transmission of Jivanmukti

9 min readAug 17, 2021

Let’s contemplate and withdraw within, and try to really perceive our life instead of constantly explaining life or reflecting it through others.

Try to relax in your body as much as possible, and concentrate on the areas in any part of your body that bring you discomfort and pain, especially in the areas that bring you emotional discomfort, pain, and negative feelings.

If you are able to put yourself into stillness, then that stillness will be able to refine your Being.

Stillness is not something separate from you.

The more you let go of explanations, the more you perceive the actual flow of life that is devoid of all personal stories, interpretations and identification. In this way, you’ll truly learn what life is and how to live it.

Changes should happen on their own without any desperation to change, and without trying to escape from anything.

If you want to kill a tree, you can’t just remove the fruit or cut the branches, you have to cut it from the root, and the same is with our being here on Earth; by just escaping from the body, it doesn’t mean that you have truly died or escaped from the pain.

This is very significant, because nowadays, people escape into all kinds of illusions and delusions instead of really dealing with their pain.

Pain is your key to realise the corruption within. Pain is the way we can perceive our inner corruption, because it is nothing other than the result of the corruption appearing as pain.

Though painful, it is the key to your liberation. If you realise this, your entire paradigm and understanding of life will shift, and you then obtain a tool to strengthen your Being, to refine yourself, to gain a more mature understanding of life, to expand your awareness and to evolve further.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with the experience. It is wrong only if you tangle with the experience by the means of your own reactions or interpretations, or in the pursuit of happiness only.

Realising the neutrality of every experience, we enrich our being and gain clarity about our current corruption and false understanding of the flow of life. Such an understanding doesn’t allow us to perceive the natural flow of life within but rather drains and obstructs us in our self-expression.

Allowing self to perceive life free from thoughts, judgements projections and hopes, allows us to open up to the free flow of being and the actual spiritual freedom.

Such equanimity, contentment and free flow of being is devoid of the notion of pain and suffering or desires and pursuits of happiness. It’s our very root and a divine right to perceive ourselves in an authentic way, where we are already wholesome and complete.

Realising the roots of our limited desires, we realise the roots of our pain and suffering that sprout out from the projection of the self and the entanglement with this projection, rather than from the actual self beyond the projection.

Realising this, we can learn an authentic and organic way of being and living through that being, becoming responsible for our own space of projection. It makes us more autonomous and eventually liberates us from the entanglements with the projected reality, allowing us to clearly see the roots of our delusions, falsehood and corruption, as well as making us realise the ways of dissolving them. Thus, we can refine the experience of life and our own karma.

When we realise this, we have no other choice but to willingly surrender and embrace life the way it comes, seeing an invaluable lesson to let go and refine self, revealing the original nature of the self, devoid of corruption and delusion.

Consciousness itself knows where we should be, at which place, at which time, with whom, and in what circumstances. Oftentimes, we tend to ignorantly think that we can do everything on our own, including the process of spiritual unfolding and transformation; yet only through reflecting on self — in this life through the projected reality, and through other people — are we actually able to understand ourselves better and realise our obscurities and limitations.

May this transmission heal you and shift your perspective from within, and make you realise how vast the existence is and how much more there is still to learn.

Never try to be cosy in some little niche, but continue your refinement no matter how comfortable you may feel at whatever point you are in your life, because evolution never stops and it is always going on whether you are aware of it or not.

Be responsible for your own space only. If you’re content, then everyone else in your space will be content too. If you are in order, then everything else around you will also be in order.

Treat your body with love and with care; don’t deny your body. Don’t try to save money on your body or your wellbeing.

Whenever you feel anger or frustration, even if it appears to be coming from someone else, realise inner waves that arise as a response to the external trigger, simply inhale, exhale, and go for a walk, have some water, and realise that it is transitory, that it comes and goes, and that it can create a lot of friction and harm; so, deal with it wisely. Don’t blame yourself for it but be aware of how it arises and how intense it is, and that it may obscure your vision temporarily and push you to act in a corrupt way, creating certain damage in life. Try to be aware of it, and instead of projecting it onto others or fighting with your projections, try to focus within and deal with your emotions responsibly, breath deeply, exhale the negative charge onto the ground, leave the situation for a moment, go for a walk and try to let go of the present moment mentally.

Do not allow yourself to keep winding up these negative thoughts. Refocus and remember higher being. Once you are calm and equanimous, you may take a look at the situation again and choose how you want to deal with it or assess and learn from your reactions and behaviour. Eventually, let it all go and dissolve within your own space, stepping out into a new moment, starting from a clean slate.

Understand the root of frustration through contemplation. The root of anger and frustration is the desire to control life, to see life in the way that you feel is right and which doesn’t include other people and their will.

The way to dissolve anger is to let go of obsessive, rigid, one-sided control, or in other words — surrender. Surrender is the state of allowing oneself to be free from thoughts and emotions, allowing life to flow as it does without the inner desire to change, control or manipulate it.

In the state of surrender, we perceive the truth of our content and wholesome being even if only for a glimpse, and allow this being to transpire in our lives and to heal our current situations. To heal means to dissolve the roots and the internal reasons that produce reactions and responses.

The desire to control is a traumatic response to the reality based on a limited understanding of life, on previous traumatic experiences and on victimised states and conscious patterns within.

Whenever things don’t happen the way you want them to happen, inhale, exhale, relax and let go, because whenever it is the right time for things to happen, the creative push coming from within will be clear to you and everything will run smoothly. If something isn’t running smoothly, then it isn’t the right time or there are inner hidden obstructions or opposition within that we are to realise and dissolve through life and it’s circumstances. Life only shows and presents us the reflection of these inner obstructions and contradictive currents or corrupt flows within. Our task is to recognise them and dissolve within through the proper understanding of life and right prioritisation.

Learn to perceive the rhythms of life — the times for passivity and stillness, and the times for action and creativity. Don’t mix them together, because if you do, then you will create diseases and imbalances.

Don’t think that you already know everything about life. The more you learn, the more you know; the more you experience, the more you should become simple, humble and eager to learn more. The more stillness you cultivate through surrender, the more authentic and clear you become about your inner corruption and falsehood. The more you surrender, the more you restore your content, blissful and wholesome being that heals, rejuvenates and enlightens you from within, revealing the keys to the eternal life and immortal knowledge.

If you only give importance to one aspect of your life, or to one or several people, then it means that you continue to disempower yourself by pursuing imbalance and draining self through that which you empower within the projected reality.

You can only enjoy life when you perceive Self in a deeply content and equanimous state of Being, and when you are able to share that with another. As long as you rely completely on others, life will teach you not to do so; it will teach you to cultivate your own strength through your own stillness and contentment, and to find the way for you to express self in a content way rather than from the perspective of being with, controlling or doing something with someone else.

Don’t delude yourself in this way.

Only when you are fully comfortable with yourself can you be comfortable with all the rest.

When the world is stillness and equanimity within, then it will manifest outwards in the same manner.

Without the realisation of this inner core and the root of the reality that is of the natural blissful being and contentment, nothing will make sense in the projected reality.

Don’t ever try to prolong joyful and happy moments in life; this only tangles you and leaves you craving for more. Instead, try to perceive every experience equanimously and learn from your own reactions and inner responses. Cultivate higher awareness and intelligence through stillness and absorption. Then, your being is going to manifest a life full of joy and contentment, fulfilment and deeper purpose.

Don’t be afraid to open up to new experiences, opportunities, and to a new flow of life. If something comes to you, realise that you are the one who manifests it; observe it; perceive it, and try to understand what it is trying to teach you.

Instead of judging circumstances and people, you should try to perceive them in silence, because sometimes, it takes time to understand the roots and deeper reasons for them (and who and what you are dealing with), so don’t rush to conclusions or judgment.

Flow like a river in grace and surrender to the flow.

The freedom of being lies in the complete, conscious and free expression of self in a responsible and conscious and graceful way of being.

When you are wholesome, all your actions are just a part of that wholesomeness, and they come out of the eternal space of being and dissolve back into that eternal space as well, so that they leave no impressions or traces on your consciousness, and so that they don’t drain you.

Try to cultivate stillness, but if you do anything, then try to do it wholeheartedly and be fully immersed in that present moment of action. After the action is over, withdraw back into stillness and restore the natural unconditional being. This is the art of living consciously responsibly and freely.

To not lose the root means to always remain aware of the core of our being. So keep that awareness.

You may read this transmission whenever you feel pain and discomfort, whenever you need to go back to your root and to reconnect with yourself. Whenever you face challenges and negative waves from within, or issues in your everyday life such as relationship issues or internal pressures, read this, and it will remind you of the simplicity of the immortal Being.

After all, remember that Now is the only moment, and this Now is always right as it is. This Now is you, and you are to realise and embrace it so that the healing may take place instantly.



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